Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Announcing the new Miele S6 Canister Vacuum Series

Miele S6 Red Velvet Vacuum
This past fall, Miele launched their latest and greatest in the world of vacuum cleaner innovation. Today we welcome a new series of Miele vacuums to our family of great cleaning appliances, the Miele S6 canister vacuums. Each machine in this series is named after a precious gem, highlighting the thoughtfully considered, brilliantly refined nature of these “jewel-like” cleaning machines.
The S6 series represents the greatest in design and feature accomplishments in Miele vacuums to date. The luxurious, full-featured vacuums included in the S6 series come in a wide array of fashion colors, a feature Miele has become known for the world over. This important new series is the perfect complement to the ever-popular and innovative S7 upright vacuums Miele brought us a few years back. The S6 line leaves nothing to be desired, and even new Miele owners will covet some of the sexy new attributes found in these great canister vacuums.
Every machine in the S6 series has been engineered to maximize performance and efficiency in an elegant, space-saving design. Weighing less than ten poinds, its durable, innovative skeleton construction is built to capture and securely retain more than 99.9% of dirt, dust, and allergens. Meanwhile, its efficient, near-silent motor delivers significant noise reduction without sacrificing power. Engineered with a unique, highly desirable design, the S6 delivers unparalleled strength and durability for years with superior performance on any surface. This is why the Miele S6 vacuums are being referred to throughout the industry as thoughtfully considered, flawlessly fashioned, and timelessly desirable. 
Though several models are being introduced with the S6 line, the Red Velvet makes up their flagship model. This model exemplifies Miele’s commitment to elegant design, as the S6 Red Velvet is the world’s first vacuum to feature a genuine velvet-covered surface, with high-quality flocking for a luxurious look and feel. Other vacuum models that make up the S6 series include the Topaz, Quartz, Onyx and Jasper. The Jasper model is only available for in-store purchases from Miele authorized dealers and is not available online, but is part of the S6 series of canister vacuums. You can find a Jasper dealer near you by visiting Miele USA and entering your zip code. 
The S6 canisters are engineered with Miele’s legendary AirClean Sealed System which safeguards indoor air quality by retaining tiny lung-damaging particulates from polluting the indoor air you breathe. Recent scientific testings have proven that Miele vacuums are more effective at safeguarding indoor air quality than all leading bagless vacuums because Miele vacuums captrure and retain 99.99% of all harmful pollutants. That’s on average 21X better than the HEPA-filtered bagless rivals. And yes, we did say average.
Beyond air filtration, the Miele S6 canister vacuums get even better. All of the S6 models weigh in at less than 10 pounds, but withstand 220 pounds of pressure throughout the Miele quality tests. These machines also include a longer power cord than previous Miele canisters, at 33 feet long this gives an additional  3.5 feet operating radius. The new models also include a 70 inch poly foam suction hose which provides advanced stability and a higher durability, even over the previous “crush-proof” hoses found on all previous Miele canisters. The new S6 Vortex motor system provides exceptional power but also a unique band of insulation within the interior of the vacuums make them extremely quiet. 
The Miele S6 canister vacuums include a useful range of accessories and floor cleaning tools that make cleaning easier. Accessories like the upholstery brusy, crevice nozzle, and dusting brush all store on-board the canisters. Varying by model, your accessories are either stored within the machine, or held close by on the hose with the vario clip. This allows your cleaning tools to be accessible at waist level, or just inside the canister, making cleaning multiple surfaces convenient and easy. Furthermore, the S6 series also utilizes the standard cable rewind found on most Miele canisters, which automatically rewinds and stores the cable within the body of the canister with the touch of a button. 
The S6 models are also excellent for picking up pet hair from cut-pile carpets, from low- to medium-pile styles. These canisters are also highly maneuverable because of their 180° rotation capability and smooth gliding wheels on all floor types. Probably the most advanced feature of the new vacuums is their low noise, eco-friendly settings. Miele vacuums are known for their low-noise motors, but the new skeleton construction style of the S6 models make these vacuums nearly silent. The Jasper specifically (available in-store only) is whisper quiet and can barely be heard over low conversations. The Miele S6 vacuum series is without a doubt the quietest line of vacuum cleaners available in the market today. 
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