Monday, July 2, 2012

Miele Leo Vacuum Canister Review - Guest Post

A friend of ours recently purchased the Miele Leo canister vacuum, so we asked her to jot down a few thoughts she had regarding this specific vacuum. Here is what she had to say:

The first thing I noticed about the Leo is the color and design. A fun mustard yellow, sleek and compact, with an ingenious lock on two sides for holding the nozzle upright while the canister is in either an upright or a mobile position. Independent castors allow the vacuum to move in any direction with little effort, a huge upgrade from our old vacuum that lumbered along and tore up every baseboard in the house. 

What I love most of all is how quiet it is. Yet it is as powerful as the jet-engine-sounding Kirby we used to have. You can actually carry on a conversation at normal speaking level while the vacuum is running. 

My partner and I have actually argued over who gets to vacuum. This has never happened before! I'm so, so happy with our choice of Miele. The Leo is a pleasure to use, in every way. 

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