Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is here! (and so is allergy season)

Summer has finally arrived! People are outside enjoying the warm weather and having fun in summertime activities. Unfortunately for many, this is just the beginning of another grueling allergy season, which plagues its victims with itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and runny noses. Fortunately, Dyson’s machines and carpet cleaning formulas can help to rid your home of allergens. With a combination of using your Dyson products and these helpful tips, you can assist your family in being sneeze-free this summer. 
    • Clean Carpets: You may not be aware, but your carpet lodges the pollen, pet hair, and dust mites between its fibers. The most efficient way clear these pesky allergens from your carpets is to use Dyson’s carpet cleaning kit with Zorb powder for a deep clean, every three to six months. In between deep cleanings, vacuum the carpets in your home three times a week to keep allergens at a low quantity.
    • Organize Your Space: Allergens have less space to claim when your home is kept clutter free. By keeping clothes, toys and other household items neatly stored, you’ll not only have a spic and span home, but will have shot down attempts for ragweed, pollen and dust to hide within your things. 
    • Maintain Clean Air: Every three months, you should change your air filters and clean your air vents. In doing so, you will ensure that your air filter is properly catching any allergens that come through before they meet your family’s airways. 
    • Keep your Sheets Clean: While out for the day, your clothes and hair are going to collect allergens. So when you lie down to go to sleep, they will be right there with you, sticking to your sheets. To help fight these off, be sure to wash your sheets in hot water on a weekly basis. To further ensure the least amount of allergens sleeping with you or the chance of them passing to other parts of your home, consider showering and a change of clothes when you return from being outside.
With these tips and ideas in tow, you’ll surely be enjoying your warm weather seasons allergy-free. Of course, in addition to all of these tips, remember that your physician can best determine what exactly you are allergic to and the best course of action to handle your symptoms. 

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