Monday, August 20, 2012

Miele's CM5000 & CM5100 Coffee Systems master the art of making coffee at home!

Miele CM5000 Countertop Coffee System
Let’s talk about coffee. Coffee is delicious! People all over the world enjoy the rich aroma and flavorful taste of a good brew daily. It’s no wonder that Miele would want to tackle a coffee maker that’s perfectly reliable and reliably perfect. Giving you four portion sizes to choose from, the Miele CM 5000 and CM 5100 Coffee Systems let you choose between your personal preferences of strength, size, and temperature. 
Designed to produce a full menu of coffee drinks, ranging from coffee, double coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, to macchiatos, all with easy and intuitive controls. With this clean cut stainless steel design accent, the Miele CM 5000 and 5100 offers a multi-language, two-line display with intuitive interface. On / off programmable times and quiet operation make this a sure fit for anyone who likes to have coffee ready when they wake up in the morning for work. With a height adjustable coffee spout, this coffee machine can fit any size mug you want, and brew two cups at a time. 
An energy–saving eco-mode makes this machine good for your electricity bill. A powerful pump of 15 bars guarantees a steady amount of pressure for the best espresso flavor. A steam valve for heating and frothing milk, stainless steel milk flask, paired with the removable, easy-to-clean, brew unit makes the Miele CM 5000 and 5100 Coffee Systems a sure to please, reliable, coffee and espresso machine. There are a few differences between the 5000 and 5100 models; the 5100 includes an electronic steam valve (rather than the manual on the CM5000), a coffee cup warmer and stainless steel accents. 
After all those great features, these coffee systems come with a 2 year warranty, with the option of extension to 5 years. 

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