Monday, August 15, 2011

Why you should buy a bagged vacuum over a bag-less

Remember your mother’s old paper bagged vacuum? She would haul it out of the closet, make a second trip for the heavy attachments, and lug all the weighty pieces down the hallway to connect the canister to the hose to the vacuum head. Then a cord would come out from the back side of the machine and plug into the wall. Mom would turn on her favorite album and vacuum away, thinking all the while she was “cleaning.”

She always told me growing up, “Clean from top to bottom, and vacuum last, that way all the dust and dirt is on the floor and vacuumed into the bag.” Unfortunately, the dust bags of mother’s day along with the filterless vacuums, were stirring up micro-particles and dust throughout the air while removing their larger counterparts. Little did she know, the exhaust on her vacuum cleaner was redistributing as much as it was picking up.

Then came the time to change the bag. What a disaster those old contraptions were. The bag would disconnect from the hose inside the canister, exposing an open dust bag full of allergens and debris. Occasionally as mom would pull the bag from the storage compartment, the paper would hang on a rough edge and tear as she tugged it loose, releasing the bag’s entirety into the open vacuum and onto the floor. Or just as bad, she tossed the bag in the garbage, only for other trash to puncture the bag. Looking back, there was little about those paper bags to be considered “hygienic.”

Speaking about the hygiene of puncturing a dust bag, consider what happens when you use a binned vacuum to collect debris, and then dump that bin continuously into the garbage can. Regardless of the vacuum’s filter situation, the dirt is generally stirring up in a bin while the vacuum is operating, then the bin is popped out by a user and dumped into their trash. When pouring the dust bin into the garbage, all those micro-particles are bounced right back into the air and all of the allergens that were just pulled from the air and floor are now re-exposed to the environment. Who knew that open bags and bagless bins are an environmental hazard when emptying into the garbage? It seems like a poor idea for someone who is sensitive to dust and allergens to re-expose themselves to all the dust they worked to vacuum up.

So obviously old paper bags are doing the home cleaning regimen or air quality little to no good, and the bin containers are re-exposing dust to the environment, what can a modern dust bag offer? Simply put, cleaner air quality. Let me expand on one of the most hygienic vacuum cleaning systems engineered today.

It all begins with design. The Miele Vacuum Cleaner offers beautiful design with superior function. The compartment housing the dust bag is a completely sealed system, a trademark of the Miele vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the exhaust compartment hosts a HEPA filter, so the final stage the air travels through is HEPA filtration, providing air which boasts 0.0ppm (parts per million). And I’m not the only one saying this, a host of accolades have been awarded to the Miele vacuums for their superior air quality management, a result of their effective design. From Consumer’s Digest Best Buy to the Good Housekeeping Seal the Miele vacuums have been well received into the cleaning community as the crème de la crème in vacuum engineering. “For consumers who are especially concerned about the air quality in their home, purchasing a Miele vacuum equipped with the AirClean Filterbag, plus Sealed System and certified HEPA filter is their very best option,” concludes Nadine Gast, Senior Product Manager for Miele.

But what difference is having a great vacuum if you are still having to deal with bags? Well, these aren’t your mother’s old dust bags. In fact, the modern bag is compact and dust free. The Miele AirClean Filterbag is designed with a revolutionary multi-ply filtering material, combined into a nine-layer stronghold of durable electrostatic fiber that grabs fine particles that escape other bags. A unique baffle system inside allows the dirt to be distributed evenly in the pillow-shaped AirClean Filterbag. When debris is distributed evenly, it stays put, rather than stirring up every time the vacuum is powered on. Polymer fibers and foil lining are used to ensure puncture resistance from sharp objects that might enter the bag such as pine needles, glass, or sand. Removal of a Miele dust bag is a breeze due to the brilliantly designed spring-loaded collar made of sturdy plastic that locks shut to trap particles and keep them out of the airstream The user is guaranteed when it is time to change the bag that no dust or debris will escape. Talk about hygienic.

Another important feature of the Miele vacuum cleaners is their lifetime. Miele vacuums last up to 20 years, and Miele stands behind that by providing maintenance to consumers easily. Consider when you have a bagless vacuum, you continually empty the bin without concern for changing the filter. Each box of Miele bags comes with a set of replacement filters, so you are guaranteed substantial air quality improvement and scheduled maintenance is no longer a concern. When it comes to purchasing bags for your Miele, nothing could be easier than ordering from Vacuum-Direct. We carry a full selection of Miele Vacuum bags and other useful accessories on our site and our items ship immediately. Living in the United States? Even better, because you get your order shipped free of sales tax (except Michigan), and for orders over $59, free shipping! So for a years worth of bags and filters for your Miele, you get them without tax and free shipping...  You can’t do any better than that.

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  1. I was really surprised by how much I enjoy the Miele Olympus. I was scared of a bagged vacuum to be honest, because of the negative associations so many people have with those bags. But, after sticking my hand into the canister of my bagless vacuum for the last time, I was fed up with having to touch such disgusting things! I absolutely love my Miele and wouldn't trade it for a bagless at this point if someone paid me.