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Miele versus a Generic Vacuum - Why Miele is Worth It

Miele S7 AutoEco Upright Vacuum
Customers often ask us why they should invest in a Miele vacuum cleaner over another (often cheaper) brand. It's tough for us to write this article because there truly are things that we love about many different vacuum brands, but there is something special about the Miele machines. There are many reasons why we highly suggest the Miele brand over the competition and we believe they are worth the investment. Because we repair vacuums in addition to retailing them, we also see the problems that come with cheaper, lesser made options. Miele vacuums truly are built to last 20 years, and we see fewer Miele vacuums come in with problems than any other vacuum brand. Many of the features found in this article refer to upright vacuums specifically, but a lot of the same could be said for canisters as well. 

When you look at the performance of a Miele compared to other generic vacuums the differences are far and wide. A Miele vacuum offers 150 CFM (amount of air moved in cubic feet per minute) compared to competitor vacuums which only offer 50 - 80 CFM. With Miele you are provided variable motor speeds spanning between 300-1200 watts versus a single speed motor in most other brands. Miele presents a large dust bag capacity of 1.5 gallons in contrast to other leading vacuums that offer a mere .3 -.6 gallon messy dust cup. When it comes to the vacuum motor, two is better than one, and with Miele you get a two motor system instead of single motor system found in most other vacuum units. Stability and carpet cleaning efficiency are also very important so Miele uprights offer an anti-tipping device and Chevron style brush roll pattern. These features surely put Miele ahead of competitors who only present standard hose placement and standard brush roll patterns. Seeing dirt and debris in dark corners with your upright is also important, so Miele vacuums give you an LED head lamp for maximum visibility, plus a micro sweep squeegee, not offered by competing manufacturers. 

In addition to great performance, Miele vacuums are easy to use. A swivel neck with constant contact technology allows your Miele to stay in contact with any floor surface at all times, which means less work since you won’t have to go back over the surface as you would with standard upright or you might with the popular ball type technology. Miele stands at 7.5” and allows clearance of furniture and beds, compared to the 15” height found on competing models. With an S7 operating radius of 54’, it beats out its competitors that offer 40’-52’ max reach. Miele gives you an extra long cord of 39’ versus standard lengths of 24.6’-35.2’. For extra ease, the Miele displays their on/off and carpet/floor switches in the handle grip instead of the usual switches on the main body. Also, a ready to use 12’ hose + 2’ extension wand is more convenient than the basic cumbersome hose/handle system. The hose on the Miele vacuum is also unique. The Miele hose is literally crushproof. In our decades of vacuum business, we have never seen a vacuum cleaner hose as strong and resistant to breakage as the Miele. This hose literally is "crushproof." Also, where 90% of vacuums on the market offer a plastic extension wand for reaching distant spaces, the Miele wand is metal and guaranteed to last...just another component that is built to last 20 years. 

Let’s talk construction. Miele guarantees a 7 year motor warranty while other brands top out at a 5 year motor warranty (at best). Every Miele is tested to last for 20 years and several features aid in this 20+ year lifespan. With metal bottom plate and upper handle, Miele is more durable than the standard plastic construction of other generic vacuums. The Miele is built to last with quality components; non marring rubber wheels, steel reinforced geared belts, and natural fiber bristles are part of why this machine will clean for years to come. 

When it comes to filtration, Miele knows best. A sealed system construction with HEPA filter on most units, 11 or 12-stage Air Clean filtration system, and a 9 layer self-sealing dust bag make Miele a top contender for those who need to breathe in clean, fresh air.  This alone makes Miele a perfect choice for sufferers of asthma and allergies. 
Miele Vacuum Extendable Reach Wand

Miele Vacuum Smart Automatic Setting

Miele Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Miele Long Vacuum Cleaner Power Cable

Miele Extendable Crushproof Hose

Miele Hygienic Vacuum Bag

Miele Upright Floor Head

Miele SwivelNeck Technology

Miele Low Profile Uprights

Miele HEPA Filtration

Miele Hygienic Vacuum Bag Removal

Miele Upright LED Headlight

Miele Easily Cleaning Under Furniture

Miele Swivel Neck Technology Under Furniture

Miele Control Panel

Miele Tool Storage

Miele Upright Cleaning Up High

Miele Accessories Connecting to Hose/Handle

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